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Child with Phobia


"Netti had helped my 10-year-old daughter immensely when she developed an escalator/height phobia. She was getting panic attacks going down to escalators, and it was a vast relief to see, after a few sessions, the positive outcomes of the techniques Netti used with her. Netti worked through her issues with extreme patience and empathy. Thank you so much for your help, Netti!"

Cath A., Sussex

* * * * * *


"Netti gave me the space to look at things differently and helped me find a way forward from a stuck place. Netti was easy to open up to and I would definitely recommend  her if someone needed additional support to get them through a difficult time."

Jules J., Brighton & Hove

* * * * * *

Trauma and Anxiety

"Netti provided a safe space to discuss anything and not feel the need to hide or feel ashamed. ... I have been able to work through some trauma I had thought rendered me a monster; with Netti's help that is no longer the case. Not only would I recommend counselling to anyone, but I can also suggest Netti for providing a safe, open and caring counselling environment. .... My perception of myself has dramatically shifted back to a much more positive view. Much less self-hatred and disgust and much more acceptance and love.

Having looked at other counselling fees I found Netti to be of excellent value and provided a high-quality service.

Overall, an extremely positive experience I cannot recommend enough if anyone is on the fence about seeking help."

John C., London

*  *  *  *  *  *

Child suffering from recurring nightmares

"Netti held some online sessions with my 7-year-old son to help him get over a recurring nightmare he was having. We were unsure of how well this would work give his young age but he was having such a hard time I felt it was worth a try. I am glad we tried as the techniques she imparted on him have had such a positive and lasting impact. Netti was incredibly warm, patient and reassuring in her interactions with him and the sessions centred around visualisation, positive imagery and re-wiring the way he perceived his nightmare and it has had an immensely positive outcome. A year on and he still vividly remembers the dream but, rather than fearing it, now speaks about it in a completely different way, with a new interpretation and indifference. Importantly, he has not had the same nightmare again since their sessions and has only had a very small number of bad dreams since, whereas previously they were very frequently disturbing his sleep and causing a lot of upset.

The techniques Netti taught him have given him so much more courage to fall asleep alone and to stay asleep all night. He often tells me he’s thinking about his “safe teddy bubble” at bedtime (a wonderful, safe place in his mind that Netti helped him come up with). Thank you Netti, for helping him through what was becoming a very difficult phase of frequent nightmares making him fear sleep. He is now so much better equipped to manage any nightmares he has and now tells me they are just dreams that have gone a bit wrong!"

Mickie M., Brighton & Hove

*  *  *  *  *  *

Fear of Driving and Self-Confidence

"Netti instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease, our sessions were therapeutic and enjoyable. Working on my fear of driving, we had two sessions to get to the route of the problem and try to overcome it. I went in with an open mind but having not driven at all for six months I was cautious not to set my expectations too high. However after my two sessions, I gave it a go and felt so much more relaxed in the driver seat. My perspective has really changed and I no longer clam up and panic when I'm driving which has given me so much more confidence on the road.


Reframing negative experiences from the past has created a sense of calm and I'm hopeful I can continue to be a confident driver, giving me my freedom and confidence back.

I would totally recommend Netti!"

Follow-up Message from above client

"I just wanted to drop you a message to tell you that after 7 years of not driving on the motorway I drove a 2.5 hour journey back to my parents in Suffolk last weekend! It's a huge achievement for me, having been too scared to face it for so long and I think I owe a huge part of that confidence to my hypno sessions with you so I wanted to say thank you.


I had a few driving lessons after our sessions too, to give me a bit more confidence in the skills I needed for the motorway but I truly believe that the hypno changed my mindset."

Karen B., Brighton

*  *  *  *  *  *

Trauma and Stress

"Netti Buswell is absolutely brilliant, she helped my daughter through a period of stress and trauma after her doctor failed to recognise what was happening and why. She was kind and attentive throughout the whole process and was at the end of the phone for a follow up reassurance chat. 


Without Netti I think my daughter would have been on medication for a very long period of time.  Myself and my daughter can't recommend Netti enough. Thank you so much for being there when we needed you."


Mother and daughter, Robertsbridge

*  *  *  *  *  *

Recorded Relaxation Session

"My daughter and I listened to the recorded relaxation session last night. It was truly amazing. She has her mocks coming up and was a bit stressed; it really relaxed her. Thank you!"

Mother and daughter, Hove

*  *  *  *  *  *

Hypnotherapy Relaxation Sessions

"Like so many people I struggle to fit life in to 24 hour days. After a hypnotherapy relaxation session with Netti, I was left in the moment but with a lovely sense of balance and serenity. 


During the session I felt safe, cared for and able to lose myself in the experience.


Netti is a gifted professional with enormous compassion. I will look forward to the next visit."

Maggie H., Lewes

*  *  *  *  *  *

"This session from Netti was a birthday surprise and it's not to sort of thing I'm used to. I was a bit sceptical but have to say the relaxation session was amazing. I fell in to a deep trance-like state about half-way through and woke up naturally at the end.


It really astounded me because I'm usually not able to relax in that manner. I'll definitely be looking to book another session in!"


Alex C, Hove

*  *  *  *  *  *

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